Hoop - size & weight: 


We recommend a hoop that you can comfortably maintain the hooping rotation for a minimum of 10 minutes.  For most people this would be a hoop that when you stand the hoop in front of you the top of the hoop should reach somewhere just below or above your belly button.  Hoops are measured from the floor to the top of the hoop.  We have a standard size of Weighted Exercise Hoops and lighter,smaller dance hoops.  Don't forget that if you plan to hoop in your home you need to make sure you have enough room for the size of hoop you purchase.  Replacing a lamp or vase can be a lot more expensive than the cost of the hoop.


  Remember the smaller the circumference of the hoop the faster you will have to rotate the hoop to keep it up.

  The advantage of a smaller lighter hoop is that you will get your heart rate up a bit quicker and get a faster aerobic workout for overall health and fitness. 

The larger heavier hoops rotate more slowly and are easier to learn to maintain the hoop rotation.

  If you are overweight and are average height or taller we recommend a weighted hoop. 

The benefit of a weighted hoop is that you can vary the intensity of your hooping from faster to slower.  If you are a beginner, overweight or would prefer learning at a slower rate, you will do better to start with the weighted hoop. 

So that you can experience immediate success, which will encourage you to continue to work out with the hoop.

Many people believe that the more weight you want to lose the heavier the hoop you need to buy.


Regardless of the type of exercise you are doing you lose weight by using oxygen, getting your heart rate up and burning calories!  If the weight of the hoop is sufficient to allow you to maintain the hooping rotation and preferably work up a sweat the hoop is the right size and weight even if it only weighs 450gms.  Through years of experience we believe our hoops are the ideal size and weight to trim inches off your waist and for overall fitness.  We are convinced that any heavier and it does not help you lose weight any faster and may even be harmful both due to bruising and potentially other harmful effects due to health problems you may already be dealing with in your life.  We also don't recommend hoops with gimmicky waves, magnets, etc., as they almost always will produce bruises and are usually heavier than they need to be.